Tatiana Nemtinova

Membership in the Association enables us to form our opinion about current events in the professional environment and actively participate in building of a civilized research market.

Tatiana Nemtinova, ”CC&R”, Perm

Sergey Protsenko

Membership in the Association gives me not only an opportunity to communicate with interesting people and true professionals but also additional impetus. It enables me not to “mope about”.

Sergey Protsenko, ”Factor”, Rostov-on-Don

Nelly Romanovich

For me the Association means professional support, assistance of friends, commercial partnership, informal advice, warmth of meetings and simply luxury of human intercourse.

Nelly Romanovich, ”Qualitas”, Voronezh

  • Members of the Association are not individuals but companies.
  • Key decisions of the Association (including decisions about admission and exclusion of members) are made by consensus (unanimously), not by majority vote.
  • There is no regular Chairman in the Association. The Chairman and the Council of the Association are elected annually.
  • Meetings of “Group 7/89” are held at least once a year. They are hosted by one of the members of the Association. The 19th Meeting of the Association took place in Rostov-on-Don in May 2013.
  • There has been developed a system of mutual costs reimbursement for participation in the Meetings. This system enables companies from “faraway” cities to reduce participation costs.
  • A principle “one region – one company” is a myth. According to the Charter of the Association, any company which has received recommendations and passed a “probationary period” can become its member.

The Association of regional sociological centers “Group 7/89” was founded in 2001.

Till 2007 the Association was an informal (but really functioning) community of regional sociological centers.

In 2007 it was registered as a nonprofit organization – as Association of legal entities.

Currently the Association unites more than 20 research companies working on the territory of 46 regions of the Russian Federation.

  • Contribution to the development of a civilized market of sociological and marketing research in Russian regions.
  • Carrying out of independent research and infrastructural projects corresponding to the interests of the Association members.
  • Creation of a platform for professional communication of top managers of research companies.
  • Improvement of professional qualification and protection of interests of members of “Group 7/89” and other market participants.


  • Charter of the Association of regional sociological centers “Group 7/89”.
  • Professional code of Members of “Group 7/89”.
  • Membership regulations.

All normative documents and admission rules to the Association are available on its website.


Throughout its existence the Association “Group 7/89» has conducted about 20 independent research projects. The most interesting projects of the last years are:

  • Project “RIK” (“Ranking of research companies”, started in 2004) – this project is designed in order regional research companies can estimate performance of metropolitan researchers.
  • Project “MIX” (“Interregional index of the crisis consciousness”, 2008-2009) – it was studied how different social groups of Russian population percept consequences of the global economic crisis.
  • “Internal projects” of the Association (“Estimation of the research companies value”, “Monitoring of government order websites”, “Summary table of costs”, etc.).